Heaven And Hell

Differences between
Heaven and Hell
Definition varies
Perceptions of that period
As the river continues to flow
Heaven and Hell; only a journey

Some days are harder than most
Some days are quiet, non eventful
Some days are exhausting
Some days seems too long
Every day is unique, two never the same

Beauty is acquaintance of ugly
Love knows hate intimately
As with Heaven and Hell
Holding hands like conspirators
Blaming the other when things goes wrongly
Playing the same game
Only with maniac’s rules

Differences between the pair
Like comparing the storm and sunny day
One washes the other
While needing one another
Two paths entwined, clashed
Different worlds, one journey.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 10th of June 2016


One thought on “Heaven And Hell

  1. the dichotomies of life, still pulling and tugging at us, every single moment of our every day life here, and, it’ll continue to be a total struggle, until you’re able to find that balancing point…


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