Life Is Full Of Surprises

Sometimes life
Takes us by surprised
Unexpectedly modifying our life styles
For better or for worst
That’s for ourselves to discover

Poet; never imagined in my entire life
To be called as such by others
As time progressed onwards
I am deeply touched
Being able to reached their hearts
For others to even take their time
Reading the things I’ve wrote

Poetry has taken me very far
Shown me a world I’ve never known
Opened doors I failed to noticed
Introduced me to a community
Where I’ve searched my whole life
To be accepted; a place I felt I belonged

Life; wisdom beyond comparison
Knowing exactly the time
For change to make an appearance
Sometimes we fight the changes
With all of our strength
Resisting it mightily
Disliking the changes which descended
Only in the beginning
Does these thoughts stay

When the dusts had settled
Visions unobstructed by pity reasons
Accepting of the changes
Realising it was meant to be
Sometimes changes are difficult
Sometimes it seems unfair
Life, smarter than you or I
Besides, what’s the other alternatives

Keep resisting, holding onto the past
Spending the remainder of life
Left behind; unable to move on
Changes are part of life
It is seen every single day
In the rising sun, ending night
In the moon, seen at night
Nothing last forever; only nothing is truly gone.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Monday 13th of June 2016

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