Four Seasons Of Loneliness

As Winter’s cold
Reminder of days gone by
Youthful years; flashes back
Dared venturing, braving the cold
Mist formed with every breath

Summer, comes along
Thoughts of Winter no more
Cold replaced by warmth
Silence of Winter’s night
Fills with sound by Summer’s presence
Seasons gone by; parted with memories

Autumn’s rain pouring down
Washing away streaks left by tears
Days spent listening
Rainfalls; calming, relaxing melody
Falling outside, drifting off to sleep

Spring waves it’s magical wand
Plants and flowers surfaces
Breaking through the soil
Feeling warmth, shinning down
First encounter, from the sun
Nursing it’s growth; growing happily
Little creatures, making their new home

Four seasons serves a reminder
Of times now to before
Unintentionally, causes loneliness
Missing the times of old
Only remedy being applied
Wound heals, risked worth taking
As the four season begins again
Better memories are waiting to be made.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Monday 13th of June 2016


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