Fairytale Endings

Once upon a time
In a world of fairytales
Enchanted, magical places
Beyond reality, another realm
Storybooks; full of wonderful adventures

Stretching imaginations
Transporting minds onto different worlds
Where happily ever after exist
Different by comparison
In the world of our reality
Fairytales are well known
Deep down in our hearts
We all want a happily ever after

Fairytales; happily ever after
Even in the world of fables
Struggles and hardships
Tragedy, drama are also found
Lead characters from the story
Faced incredible odds
Pushed, moved forward
Till the very end

If, at some point
They decided to surrender
There wouldn’t be a story at all
Rewards for endurance
Never surrendering, despite the challenges
Their story is told throughout the ages
Happily ever after; well deserved

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 14th of June 2016


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