Cold Heart No More

Guarded highly
Permission; access denied
Sabotaging relationships
Heart frozen solid
Shielding against the world

Pain; unbearable
Hurt feelings, overwhelmed
Too much to handle
Too much to endure
Unable to take anymore
Shut tightly, doors locked
Sunlight fails; reaching beyond

Seasons, years gone by
Icey interior formed
Hidden for so long
Forgotten; beyond locked doors
A world outside the confines
Once a participant, long ago

Feelings and emotions
Unfelt, numbing effects
Desires; hope abandoned
Dreams, an ancient myth
Visions; smashed into dust
Fragments scattered all over

Taken by surprised
Sunlight breaks through
Droplets slowly falls
Somehow, someway
Unfreezing procedure begins
Warm touches of light
Miracle, divine intervention

Resisted mightily
Instruments powerful
Love, kindness, compassion
Shattered all defenses
Despite countless efforts
Tactics, strategies applied
Always returned for more
Harder I pushed, more they came back

Until finally accepted
Exhausted to resist
Unworthy; not to them
Gradually, coldness within
Melted away completely
Warmth returned; heart beats felt
Emotions resurfaced
Hope, alive again
Resulted in dreams; dreamt again
Rebirth from the ashes,
Of yesterday’s destruction.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 16th of June 2016


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