The Role Of Music

Came to be
An important part
Of my life’s experiences
By some unspoken agreement
Played the role of comforter

Forgotten memories
Remembering once more
Triggered; by songs of old
Once a favourite
Constantly repeating
Driving those nearby crazy
Music is more than just sounds
Calms my soul, like nothing else

Songs, lyrics
Seems to understand
A language the heart speaks
When everyone else
Doesn’t understand the hurt
The emotional battle inside
Songs; seems to know
The torment that rages within

Only just by knowing
Someone else understands
That someone gets me
Feeling less like a freak
Confirming life isn’t over
Someone else has survived
The same situation I am in
If they are able, why can’t I
It’s a relief beyond description

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 17th of June 2016


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