Another Generation

Family line
Throughout the ages
Since time began
Till present day
Story’s waiting to be told

Fascinating lives
Our ancestors lived
Comparing the first
Last being me
Totally different styles
In our ways of life

Heritages; traditions
Cultures of the time
Building structures
Setting forth foundations
Making our line; solid as can be
Rules and expectations
Passing down the family tree

Amazing; our ancestors
Without them, we wouldn’t be
Since the beginning
All the way to the present
If just one failed to produce
Our existence in life
Wouldn’t see any daylight

When everything is seen
Truly amazing we all are
To exist is truly a gift
We’re not mistakes in life
Having a purpose; duty
Carrying on the family line
Which our ancestors first started

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 21st of June 2016


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