Somewhere To Never

Gradually arrives
Results; finality
Sometimes not the end
Only the beginning

Massive as it seems
Endless water
Stretches far and wide
Seems to have no end
Keeps going on and on

Stars; beautiful as can be
Seemingly so distant
Very far away
Beyond reach, stretches on
Unmeasurable; unimaginable
How far away they are

Finally; bravery prevails
Venturing on the open seas
Unknown, unexplored
Throwing caution against the wind
Taking chances, risks
Face to face with fear itself

Into space and beyond
Danger; never lacking
Measuring the unmeasurable
Unreasonable it may be
Travelling through the darkness
Where only dreams dared

One way or another
Answers will be found
Ocean isn’t endless
Stars can be reached
Every story has an ending
Every story begins somewhere
Never is such a long way, away

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 21st of June 2016


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