Not Afraid

Most of my life
I’ve been afraid
Showing the world
The person that I am
Always in the shadows
Of somebody else

Petrified to reveal
Who I really am
Fears of being disliked
Judged by others
Disappointing those
Who expected alot more

Afraid of being rejected
If my true self is shown
Opening myself to be hurt
Laughed at and mocked
For being my true self
Ashamed of being me

Finally had enough
Sick of being afraid
Scared in everything
Letting fears dictated
The way I lived my life
Disgusted by my cowardice
Calls for immediate change
Action was demanded

Regardless of anything
I do or even say
Won’t be approved by all
Even criticised by some
Frown upon by others
Finally standing my ground
Not afraid in taking a stand
Fighting; finally for me

Involved in problems
Which isn’t my own
Ending up with the blame
Looking for approval
Acceptance by
Those who didn’t want me
There in the first place
Wanting to belong
In a place I disliked
Afraid no longer
Scared of nothing
Except for failing
Of being me

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 23rd of June 2016

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