Simple But Devastating Words

Simple words
Triggered unexpectedly
Harmless; playful words
Unintentional, unknowingly
Flames of emotions
Burning uncontrollably

Explosive feelings
Barely under control
An inferno awakened
Readying to erupt
Losing; feeling it slipped

Saying you understand
Saying you know
How I feel inside
Knowing what I go through
Battles I fought daily
All the effort, energy wasted

Behind my smile
Hides a life of hurt
Unbearable at times
Torturous, self inflicted
A world kept secret
Where tears fall silently

Everyday being the same
Pushing those feelings aside
Forcing a smile
Refusing to let anyone know
How truly broken I am
Shattered into tiny fragments
Scattered amongst the fields

Life, a performance
Audience consists
Of those that cares
Loving someone unworth
A waste of life; such is me
Unfortunate encounters
Stumbling into a life
Worthless, having no meaning

Days are spent reassuring
Those unfortunate people
When night comes
After everyone’s asleep
Being by myself; alone
Is when I fall apart
Making sure no one sees
When my heart and soul
Smashed to pieces; all over again

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 22nd of June 2016


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