Experience Of A Lifetime

Youthful years
Careless, reckless
Thoughtless actions
Rushed behaviour
Impatient; short sightedness

Experiences gained
Through sufferings
The pain of enduring
Hardships, challenges
Trials; endless lessons

Knocked down upon my knees
If I let it to be
That’s where I stay
Life throws punches
Harder than anything
Unseen, unexpectedly

Often takes away
Things I valued most
Leaving me with nothing
Alone; not a soul in sight
Often breaking my spirit

Most situations
Shatters my faith
In trusting another
Mostly consulting alone
The inner voices
Which I learnt tolerance
Often than not
Ending up being betrayed

Deep in my heart
I am afraid to trust
Scared to open myself
Leaving me vulnerable
For the world to see
A life full of distrust
Isn’t a life at all
Risks are very high
A gamble on humanity
Always outweigh negativity

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 23rd of June 2016


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