Only A Matter Of Time

Same old story
History repeating itself
Only a matter of time
Before predictions came true
Weighing heavily; crushing

Only a matter of time
Before I am left alone
Just the same as before
Reality is hurting so badly
Slipping through cracks
Spiralling out of control

Returning to a place
Where darkness is all
Dark are my thoughts
Consumed by it once again
I try and try my hardest
From falling down that endless pit

Cruel joke
Revealing a glimmer of hope
Throwing everything I have
In a last attempt for reason
Taking away the light
Thrown back into darkness
A place I can’t escape
A place where I belonged

Stupid to hope
Silly to even dream
Believing in fairytales
Trusting with all my heart
Reaching for the stars
Made myself to believe
Such a thing was possible

Only a matter of time
Before my world
Came crushing down
Solid pieces smashed
Leaving absolutely no chance
For hope to reappear
I am adrift; hurt and lost
I am numb and falling down

Idiot I was
Climbing out of the hole
Holding on desperately
Using all my strength
Believing it completely
I am falling; I don’t care
Shutting my doors
Disappearing once again
I shouldn’t of reemerged
Should of stayed where I belonged
Was only a matter of time
Ending right back where I started

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 24th of June 2016


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