Same Old Story

Senseless arguments
Over and over
Again and again
Insanity close by

Always the same
Old story on repeat
Reoccurring constantly
Voices; an annoyance
Driving me crazy
Smashing my head
Against the bloody wall

Everything goes well
Tell the story repeats
Happiness taken away
Everything I’ve done
Means not a thing
Peace and harmony
Stolen by the same old story

Peace of mind
Suddenly becomes chaotic
Tensions; dangerous levels
Erupting into a full blown
Explosion of powerful
Destruction from within
Heart ripped to pieces
Thrown amongst burnt ashes

Feels like it’s never enough
Nothing I do will be enough
Constant bickering
Leaving its mark
Opening wounds of old
Same old story
Returning; like a thief
Stealing what was once
Beautiful, irreplaceable

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 23rd of June 2016


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