River flows
One direction, one path
Smooth as silk
Surface made of water
Ripples seen sometimes
Interrupting stillness

Looking closely
As water passes by
Images of the surroundings
Reflected from water
Serving as a mirror
Observing natural elements

Sooner or later
Problem arises
River; just up ahead
Opens more paths
Spilt in many directions
Different types of flow

Running out of time
Decisions needed
Without knowing anything
About the options ahead
Shall it be left alone
Trusting current flow
Letting fate decide

As the rivers split ways
Taking quick glances
Seeing just a little bit
Revealing hints; expectations
Observing other openings
Wondering, worryingly
If the decision were correct

Some paths
Starts of like a dream
Further downstream
Illusions of beauty
Suddenly turns chaotic
Lured by falsehood
Unable starting again

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 24th of June 2016

2 thoughts on “Sidetracked

    1. Takes me around 5 to 30 mins each poem.

      If it’s something I am feeling, like if I am sad or happy. It takes five to ten. That’s without thinking what to write.

      But if I have to think. It can take up to thirty minutes

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