Nature’s Way

Passing by
Incredibly pace
Even before knowing
It’s gone in an instant

Busy schedules
Being too invested
Focused only on work
Meeting demands
What society expected
Forgetting any other way

Tragedy strikes hard
Breathless, winded
Destroying all familiarity
Left as a stranger
Lost and confused
Stripping everything away
Isolated; rejected by society

Nature’s way
Left without any options
Taking away all choices
Seems really unfair
Deserving of such treatment
Misplaced emotions emerges

Gifted with time
Slowing down the pace
To enjoy life as it should
Timeout at halftime
Reevaluating strategy
Learning to breathe once more
Nature’s way; of saying
Slow down, there’s no rush

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 24th of June 2016

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