Out Of Place

Stumbling across
Grounds covered by fog
Underneath nights sky
Stars flickering from afar
Full moon in all its glory

Wandering over hills
Rocky, uneven terrain
Tricky; slippery slopes
Treacherous, dangerous
Moonlight leading the way

Walking through
Ocean made of clouds
Dampened by moisture
Soaked; from head to toe
Aboveground, night lights glowing

Mists suddenly vanishes
Able to finally see
Without any obstructions
Quickly realising, noticed
Standing upon another world
Strange buildings, structures
Seems it doesn’t belong

Standing out
From the surroundings
Seems odd and peculiar
Around the constructions
Feels dark and gloomy
These buildings made of light
Shouldn’t be where it is
Doesn’t fit in the surroundings

Structures made of light
In a place made of darkness
Standing tall and proud
Shining light as far as possible
Embracing being unique
Remaining; unyielding
Un compromised by temptations
Fitting in with its surroundings
Opted being different
Amongst common expectations

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 26th of June 2016

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