Reality In Nightmares

Sometimes when I dreamed
Enjoying my happiness being true
Surrounded by beautiful places
Relaxing, absorbing peacefulness
Something always appears

Suddenly, out of nowhere
My dreams are gone
Replaced by my worst fears
Only a moment before
Living out my happiness
Now face to face
Everything I dreaded and feared

Standing there
Surrounded with those that mattered
Those I loved and cared
Seeing smiles on their faces
A gathering, everyone is happy
Enjoying themselves; perfect scene

I reached out
Tried to give them a hug
Telling how much I’d missed them
My hands goes right through
I can’t even touch
A single one of them
Seems like I no longer existed

After going through each person
I started to asked what’s wrong
At first I thought it’s my fault
That my voice was a whisper
I repeated the question loudly
No one was able to hear
No one knows I was there

No matter how many times
I’ve tried to yell
Screaming for them to hear me
No matter how many times
I’ve tried touching them
To give them a hug
Desperately trying to feel them
I couldn’t feel, they couldn’t hear
No matter if I tried
Another million times
In this reality, I never existed

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 28th of June 2016


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