Haunted By Whispers

Late at night
My sanity being tested
Hearing faint voices
Whispers out of darkness
Reaches me from another place

At first I thought
The sounds from the wind
Howling against night
Looked outside my windows
Outside was quiet and still
Not a creature is heard nor seen

As night grows older
Silence feels thicker
Whispers, now louder
Gained intensity
Intensify to madness
Voices inside my head
Haunting constantly

Somewhere inside
Deep within my heart
Feelings of guilt remains
Of surviving while others perished
Easily could’ve been me
I’m still here while they’re not
Haunted by visions
Everytime I closed my eyes

Survivors guilt it’s called
Chilling it has a name
Feeling guilty for being alive
Feeling ashamed for breathing
For being alive is now a sin
When every waking moment
Is filled with guilty conscious
Enjoying a life; being consumed
Unable to let these feelings go

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 1st Of July 2016


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