Journey Through Enchanted Forest

Where am I?
Suddenly surrounded
By strange creatures
Trees asking me questions
I’ve always known
One day I shall lose my mind

Creatures; delighted by my presence
In their eyes, I am odd looking
Standing in their world
I suppose it’s true
Irrelevant that they can speak
It’s normal afterall

Flowers that sings
Swaying back and forth
Gentle blown by the wind
Dancing while they sing
Intently listening to the words
Falling asleep under its spells
Beautiful yet treacherous

Logic thrown out the windows
Everything I thought I’d knew
No longer applied here
Starting back to basic
Relearning everything over again
Slowly my perceptions changes

What was once strange and weird
Becoming normal and real
Journey through enchanted forest
Without an opened mind
Surely I wouldn’t understand
Instead of adapting, appreciating
I’d be calling them unpleasant names

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 30th of June 2016


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