Amidst The Chaos

Amidst The Chaos

Heavy rain
Wild, strong winds
Knocked back and forth
Attacked from above
Senses rattled and battered

Rain pouring down
Hard, that it hurts
Feeling each droplet
Impacting all over
Soaked, drenched from head to toe

Wind howling
Screaming loudly
Deafening yells
Mighty, strong blows
Pushed here and there
Of track to somewhere

Visibility zero
Rain combined with wind
Making it impossible to see ahead
Shivering, cold and lost
Senses being tested
Persistence of combined forces
Dark; unable to hear nor see

Enduring the onslaught
For however long it may be
Sometimes during
When exactly, I do not know
Adapting to the situation
Becoming more comfortable
By the elements of the moment
Less chaotic, taking it in
Letting go of the fears
Of not being in control

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Monday 27th of June 2016


Out Of Place

Out Of Place

Stumbling across
Grounds covered by fog
Underneath nights sky
Stars flickering from afar
Full moon in all its glory

Wandering over hills
Rocky, uneven terrain
Tricky; slippery slopes
Treacherous, dangerous
Moonlight leading the way

Walking through
Ocean made of clouds
Dampened by moisture
Soaked; from head to toe
Aboveground, night lights glowing

Mists suddenly vanishes
Able to finally see
Without any obstructions
Quickly realising, noticed
Standing upon another world
Strange buildings, structures
Seems it doesn’t belong

Standing out
From the surroundings
Seems odd and peculiar
Around the constructions
Feels dark and gloomy
These buildings made of light
Shouldn’t be where it is
Doesn’t fit in the surroundings

Structures made of light
In a place made of darkness
Standing tall and proud
Shining light as far as possible
Embracing being unique
Remaining; unyielding
Un compromised by temptations
Fitting in with its surroundings
Opted being different
Amongst common expectations

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 26th of June 2016

How I Hate You

How I Hate You

No longer
Shall I allow
For you to control
My mind and soul
Dictating my movements
Interfered in my affairs

For the longest time
Complete power I bestowed
Ruling my decisions
Trusting you with the future
Letting you sabotage
Everything that’s good
Time to regained control
Something I shoud of done; long ago

How I hate you fear
For holding me back
Making me scared
Even of my own shadow
I can’t believe it has
Taken so long to tell you
Lifting the heavy weights
Feeling light as a feather

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 26th of June 2016

When The End Comes

When The End Comes

Deep within my heart
I was always afraid
Following my own path
Rather than chasing my dreams
I chased what didn’t belonged to me

Growing up; I had high hopes
Wild imaginations
Dreams constantly changes
More regularly than most
Wanted to rule the world
Television is to blamed that

I wonder what happened
To my desires and dreams
The older I am, lesser are fantasy
Could it be, it was not meant to be
Maybe I realised
The world isn’t what I’ve expected
Perhaps ignorance and innocence
Trusted the world more than deserved

End of the road
Shall surely arrive
When that time comes
I would be most happiest
If I could look back at my life
Truly believing; I gave it my all

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 26th of June 2016

Amazing Opportunity

Amazing Opportunity

As a child
Raised; growing up
In a multicultural country
A country which adopted
My family and I
Failure in understanding
Great opportunity presented

I grew up
Confused by my surroundings
I am Australian
Yet I was called Asian
Treated differently
Because my hair was black
My skin wasn’t white

I was told I wasn’t Australian
That it wasn’t my home
I was told I didn’t belong
That it was no place for me
Many nights I stayed awake
With hurtful thoughts

If I didn’t belong
Then where is my place
If I am not wanted
Why is my parents blind
Working day and night
In a place that didn’t want us
Why are they trying so hard
For others that insults us
I was confused; filling with anger

I thought my parents
Were weak for trying so hard
For letting others
Talking down to them
My parents always believed
In a country which accepted them
I disagree; rebellious by nature

Hatred; consumed me
Controlling my thoughts
Misbehaving purposely
Refusing to play by the rules
I seen society as an enemy
After I was treated as such
Breaking every law; it felt good

Blinded by hate
Didn’t see reasons
Refusing to believe facts
Even when my senses
Were telling me otherwise
Vietnamese pride; something made up
To make ourselves a place
That we can belong

Now I see things differently
My parents were right
Australia is my home
Always had been
I have seen and learnt
As the years built up
My parents didn’t see
Nor experienced my life
They were always right

People who insulted
Screamed abuses
Acted hostile and violent
They were the same
Confused and lost
I was surrounded by many
Thought the rest were the same
I discovered that to be untrue
It was only a small percent
Mistakes I’ve made
Is still being corrected
A work in progress
Which will take a lifetime

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 25th of June 2016

Comforted By Night

Comforted By Night

Sunlight fades
Sky slowly darkens
Replaced by night
Revealing one by one
Stars; twinkling above

In place of sunlight
Night light of nature
Comforted by night
Reassuring; any fears
Story of monsters
Waiting in the cupboard

Breeze of night
Casting magical spells
Eyelids becomes heavier
Unable to resist any longer
Surrendering; going to sleep
Falling under night’s enchantment

Lullaby; off to dreams
While night watches
Protected while I sleep
Comforted within
Surrounded by night
Blending in with dark

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 25th of June 2016


Winds of change is blowing. Felt by everyone, seen by none.

Change can’t be contained nor stopped.

Eventually making an appearance beyond the horizon.

Written by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 25th of June 2016

Inner Demons

Inner Demons

Littered with ghost
Haunted; possessed
Internal struggles
Rages on everyday

Prepared for battle
Armour, weapons
Damaged by war
Defended, protected
Left of what’s human

Mighty foes
Chaotic fightings
Weapons crying out
Armour in tears
Loud, deafening sounds

Demons; friend or foe
Sometimes being both
Labelled as evil
I’ve seen evil show love
Even being affectionate

Chaos dominates
Ruled for awhile
Confused by the labels
Of good and evil
Manipulated into being

I’ve witnessed
Goodness committed evil
Learnt not to trust
Labels made by man
Good and evil
Capable of both deeds
Given the circumstances
True nature shall be revealed

Standing on the field
Surrounded by madness
Senseless; destroying needlessly
Two forces, opposite sides
Sometimes both is needed
Unable to go through life alone

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 24th of June 2016

Poetry For The Soul

Poetry For The Soul

Gentle sound
Waves crashing to shore
Quiet, stillness of night
Moonlight dances
Upon the dark surface
Glittering like diamonds

Birds chipping away
Filling empty air
Calling out to each other
Sunlight; making the sky bright
Sending gifts of warmth
Fragrances; perfumes
Nature’s aroma, divine

Poetry for the soul
Key to opened hearts
Connecting as one
Bringing out goodness
Sharing ourselves with strangers
As if we knew them all our lives
From around the world
We are one and the same

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 24th of June 2016

Nature’s Way

Nature’s Way

Passing by
Incredibly pace
Even before knowing
It’s gone in an instant

Busy schedules
Being too invested
Focused only on work
Meeting demands
What society expected
Forgetting any other way

Tragedy strikes hard
Breathless, winded
Destroying all familiarity
Left as a stranger
Lost and confused
Stripping everything away
Isolated; rejected by society

Nature’s way
Left without any options
Taking away all choices
Seems really unfair
Deserving of such treatment
Misplaced emotions emerges

Gifted with time
Slowing down the pace
To enjoy life as it should
Timeout at halftime
Reevaluating strategy
Learning to breathe once more
Nature’s way; of saying
Slow down, there’s no rush

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 24th of June 2016