River flows
One direction, one path
Smooth as silk
Surface made of water
Ripples seen sometimes
Interrupting stillness

Looking closely
As water passes by
Images of the surroundings
Reflected from water
Serving as a mirror
Observing natural elements

Sooner or later
Problem arises
River; just up ahead
Opens more paths
Spilt in many directions
Different types of flow

Running out of time
Decisions needed
Without knowing anything
About the options ahead
Shall it be left alone
Trusting current flow
Letting fate decide

As the rivers split ways
Taking quick glances
Seeing just a little bit
Revealing hints; expectations
Observing other openings
Wondering, worryingly
If the decision were correct

Some paths
Starts of like a dream
Further downstream
Illusions of beauty
Suddenly turns chaotic
Lured by falsehood
Unable starting again

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 24th of June 2016

Only A Matter Of Time

Only A Matter Of Time

Same old story
History repeating itself
Only a matter of time
Before predictions came true
Weighing heavily; crushing

Only a matter of time
Before I am left alone
Just the same as before
Reality is hurting so badly
Slipping through cracks
Spiralling out of control

Returning to a place
Where darkness is all
Dark are my thoughts
Consumed by it once again
I try and try my hardest
From falling down that endless pit

Cruel joke
Revealing a glimmer of hope
Throwing everything I have
In a last attempt for reason
Taking away the light
Thrown back into darkness
A place I can’t escape
A place where I belonged

Stupid to hope
Silly to even dream
Believing in fairytales
Trusting with all my heart
Reaching for the stars
Made myself to believe
Such a thing was possible

Only a matter of time
Before my world
Came crushing down
Solid pieces smashed
Leaving absolutely no chance
For hope to reappear
I am adrift; hurt and lost
I am numb and falling down

Idiot I was
Climbing out of the hole
Holding on desperately
Using all my strength
Believing it completely
I am falling; I don’t care
Shutting my doors
Disappearing once again
I shouldn’t of reemerged
Should of stayed where I belonged
Was only a matter of time
Ending right back where I started

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 24th of June 2016

Same Old Story

Same Old Story

Senseless arguments
Over and over
Again and again
Insanity close by

Always the same
Old story on repeat
Reoccurring constantly
Voices; an annoyance
Driving me crazy
Smashing my head
Against the bloody wall

Everything goes well
Tell the story repeats
Happiness taken away
Everything I’ve done
Means not a thing
Peace and harmony
Stolen by the same old story

Peace of mind
Suddenly becomes chaotic
Tensions; dangerous levels
Erupting into a full blown
Explosion of powerful
Destruction from within
Heart ripped to pieces
Thrown amongst burnt ashes

Feels like it’s never enough
Nothing I do will be enough
Constant bickering
Leaving its mark
Opening wounds of old
Same old story
Returning; like a thief
Stealing what was once
Beautiful, irreplaceable

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 23rd of June 2016

Experience Of A Lifetime

Experience Of A Lifetime

Youthful years
Careless, reckless
Thoughtless actions
Rushed behaviour
Impatient; short sightedness

Experiences gained
Through sufferings
The pain of enduring
Hardships, challenges
Trials; endless lessons

Knocked down upon my knees
If I let it to be
That’s where I stay
Life throws punches
Harder than anything
Unseen, unexpectedly

Often takes away
Things I valued most
Leaving me with nothing
Alone; not a soul in sight
Often breaking my spirit

Most situations
Shatters my faith
In trusting another
Mostly consulting alone
The inner voices
Which I learnt tolerance
Often than not
Ending up being betrayed

Deep in my heart
I am afraid to trust
Scared to open myself
Leaving me vulnerable
For the world to see
A life full of distrust
Isn’t a life at all
Risks are very high
A gamble on humanity
Always outweigh negativity

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 23rd of June 2016

Not Afraid

Not Afraid

Most of my life
I’ve been afraid
Showing the world
The person that I am
Always in the shadows
Of somebody else

Petrified to reveal
Who I really am
Fears of being disliked
Judged by others
Disappointing those
Who expected alot more

Afraid of being rejected
If my true self is shown
Opening myself to be hurt
Laughed at and mocked
For being my true self
Ashamed of being me

Finally had enough
Sick of being afraid
Scared in everything
Letting fears dictated
The way I lived my life
Disgusted by my cowardice
Calls for immediate change
Action was demanded

Regardless of anything
I do or even say
Won’t be approved by all
Even criticised by some
Frown upon by others
Finally standing my ground
Not afraid in taking a stand
Fighting; finally for me

Involved in problems
Which isn’t my own
Ending up with the blame
Looking for approval
Acceptance by
Those who didn’t want me
There in the first place
Wanting to belong
In a place I disliked
Afraid no longer
Scared of nothing
Except for failing
Of being me

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 23rd of June 2016

Enchantment Of Night

Enchantment Of Night

Some nights
When all is quiet
Laying still in the dark
Mind full of thoughts
Thinking; remembering
A life I used to know

Funny memories surfaces
Causing a smile to appear
Lucky no one is around
Smiling alone, by myself
Surely a sign of insanity

Sometimes; unexpectedly
Long forgotten memories
Reopens old wounds
Causing fresh pain
Reliving times of difficulties
Best left forgotten
In the distant past

Something about night
Causes restless mind
Activating old memories
Feeling nostalgic; sentimental
Chilly breeze hypnotic
Skin cool to the touch
Like being enchanted
Sent back through time

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Simple But Devastating Words

Simple But Devastating Words

Simple words
Triggered unexpectedly
Harmless; playful words
Unintentional, unknowingly
Flames of emotions
Burning uncontrollably

Explosive feelings
Barely under control
An inferno awakened
Readying to erupt
Losing; feeling it slipped

Saying you understand
Saying you know
How I feel inside
Knowing what I go through
Battles I fought daily
All the effort, energy wasted

Behind my smile
Hides a life of hurt
Unbearable at times
Torturous, self inflicted
A world kept secret
Where tears fall silently

Everyday being the same
Pushing those feelings aside
Forcing a smile
Refusing to let anyone know
How truly broken I am
Shattered into tiny fragments
Scattered amongst the fields

Life, a performance
Audience consists
Of those that cares
Loving someone unworth
A waste of life; such is me
Unfortunate encounters
Stumbling into a life
Worthless, having no meaning

Days are spent reassuring
Those unfortunate people
When night comes
After everyone’s asleep
Being by myself; alone
Is when I fall apart
Making sure no one sees
When my heart and soul
Smashed to pieces; all over again

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Somewhere To Never

Somewhere To Never

Gradually arrives
Results; finality
Sometimes not the end
Only the beginning

Massive as it seems
Endless water
Stretches far and wide
Seems to have no end
Keeps going on and on

Stars; beautiful as can be
Seemingly so distant
Very far away
Beyond reach, stretches on
Unmeasurable; unimaginable
How far away they are

Finally; bravery prevails
Venturing on the open seas
Unknown, unexplored
Throwing caution against the wind
Taking chances, risks
Face to face with fear itself

Into space and beyond
Danger; never lacking
Measuring the unmeasurable
Unreasonable it may be
Travelling through the darkness
Where only dreams dared

One way or another
Answers will be found
Ocean isn’t endless
Stars can be reached
Every story has an ending
Every story begins somewhere
Never is such a long way, away

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 21st of June 2016

Another Generation

Another Generation

Family line
Throughout the ages
Since time began
Till present day
Story’s waiting to be told

Fascinating lives
Our ancestors lived
Comparing the first
Last being me
Totally different styles
In our ways of life

Heritages; traditions
Cultures of the time
Building structures
Setting forth foundations
Making our line; solid as can be
Rules and expectations
Passing down the family tree

Amazing; our ancestors
Without them, we wouldn’t be
Since the beginning
All the way to the present
If just one failed to produce
Our existence in life
Wouldn’t see any daylight

When everything is seen
Truly amazing we all are
To exist is truly a gift
We’re not mistakes in life
Having a purpose; duty
Carrying on the family line
Which our ancestors first started

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 21st of June 2016

Long Time In Coming

Long Time In Coming

As the Moon smiles
Hint of blue can be seen
White against dark
Clearly visible
Despite great distances inbetween

Long time in coming
With eyes closed tightly
Drifting off to dreamland
Returning to dreams so lovely
Only existing in this realm
Where anything is possible

It has been a long time
Since the Moon are I
Shared a common desire
Last time was when
I searched in desperation
With the Moon smiling down
Assurance upon its light
That everything will be okay

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 21st of June 2016