Dear Self,

It’s been so long since you’ve talked to yourself.

I know what you’re going through. You feel like you’ve stopped progressing in your development as a writer. To you it seems like nothing is happening, like everything is on a standstill.

In a way, it’s true. Just look at everything you’ve been through. The speed you were travelling on was at blistering rate. Now things has calmed down alot, becoming normal speed. You’ve adjusted to the fast pace, now you must adapt to normal pace.

No one can maintain a fast pace all the time. Rest is needed to recover. Just be patient and wait for everything to catch up again. You did in fact left it in the dusts. That’s why things seems to be stuck all the time.

Take this opportunity to relax a little bit. To refresh your mind and body. Preparing yourself for the next stages of life. Foundations, structures are now set up. Without these, no plans can be successful. Enjoy this moment of peace, this calmness. Who knows when it will come again.

Stop being hard on yourself, and write more frequently to yourself. Take care and breathe.


Tan Nguyen

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