Easier Being Strangers

There was a time
When I pretended to be
Anyone other than myself
Engaging in conversations
Being myself; under a different name

Easier talking with strangers
Identify kept hidden
Venting to strangers
Talking about my problems
Feeling completely safe
Knowing there’s no expectations
During heart to heart with strangers

Those days are long gone
Unable to pretend anymore
Facing the world
Using my own identity
Unable to disappear
Nor ran away from myself
Facing my problems
Instead of pretending there’s none

Sometimes tempted
Reliving those days
When no one knew who I was
Being anyone I’d wanted to be
Disappearing without warning
Escaping; only for a moment
Of being the person I am
Accepting my responsibilities
Fulfilling my duties
No more running away, from me

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 1st of July 2016

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