If I’d Never

Silently covers
Sky; and below
Darkens the world
Preparation for slumber

My mind works best
Undercover of night
Reviewing repeatedly
All my decisions
Making sure everything
Is still going as planned

Higher the moon rises
Glowing magical rays
Feels like; received blessings
Wishing me luck and success
Upon the path I’d taken

Risked; highly gambled
A final pushed in life
All or nothing; win or lose
Gave everything I’ve possessed
Committed myself utterly
To changed my life for the better

Sometimes feeling
Why I even bothered
Remembering where I was
In a place where hope and dreams
Only a fragment of memory
Without looking behind
Refusing to go back
Forced myself onwards
No matter how difficult it seemed

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 1st of July 2016


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