Measured By Time

Constantly flowing
Forever drifting
Motions unseen
Invisible to my eyes
Rivers of time; eternal movements

Measurements of time
Measured by humankind
Labelling things we don’t know
Forcing objects to fit
Ignoring descriptions,
Which doesn’t serve selfish outcomes

New found discovery
Discarded recklessly
All because we can’t understand
Fearing the unknown
Like time has seen before
History repeating itself

If one doesn’t remember history
It is sure to repeat itself
If one remember history
Choosing another path
Instead of travelling
Down the road of annihilation

Time; unmeasurable
Eternity to last forever
Flows of the river
Till everlasting and beyond
Even the sun above
Will finally come to an end
As time continues; invisibly onwards

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 1st of July 2016

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