Precious Regrets

Lessons are forever
Always more to learn
Student for life; of life
Discovering secrets
Exploring deep into the core

Little by little
Like a jigsaw puzzle
Putting pieces together
Seeing the bigger picture
Slowly; secrets revealed

Knowledge is understanding
Able to apply patience
Tolerating others, situations
Dealing with problems
Handling circumstances
In a more productive way

Precious regrets
Irreplaceable remorse
Bad feelings; inner voices
Saying no before mistakes are made
Without these feelings
There’d be no lines drawn
Once crossed; difficult to recover

Without feelings nor emotions
Even the most negative of these
Is built within all of us
A warning system
Alerting us, something is wrong
I for one, misused this function
Misunderstood; even accused
Thinking it was against me
Making me confused and lost

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 3rd of July 2016

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