What I See

As the Sun prepares
Lay down to rest
After a full days work
Exhausted; shining light
Upon a world intent to self destruct

Night time danger lurks
In the cover of darkness
Evil descend upon the land
Committing terrible acts
Kept silent through the night

Desperation of so many
Screaming into nothing
Unheard; ignored by self righteous
Used as a tool of advancement
The sufferings of others
For nothing more; than personal gain

Common occurrence
Happening way too often
Actions are taken
Only when there’s a camera
Recording their good deeds
Nothing is without cause
Hopefully they’ll never fall
Wearing the shoes
Of those that’s been there

Quick to place judgments
Afraid to upset the balance
To be unliked or hated
Righting the wrongs
Refusing to stand out amongst the crowd
Scared to appear weak
Little do they know
Standing up for the defenceless
Is the greatest strength of all

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 2nd of July 2016


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