Extremely Proud Of You

If you only knew
What I see in you
You’ve amazed me back then
You’ve amazed me still
I am proud of you
And so much more

I wonder if you’ve realised
The qualities you possessed
I know you think me blind
Everyday I’ve tried to make you see
What an amazing person you are

Such courage I see in you
You’ve displayed it many times
Always being hard on yourself
When in fact you’ve been great
I see in you such strength
You’ve even made me try again
How can you say your useless
When you saved my life

Such love you’ve shown to me
Even though I don’t deserve it
For this I still don’t know why
You’ve selected me above the rest
It’s not me whose blind
I think that’s you

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 3rd of July 2016

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