Central Station’s Bridge

Standing on the bridge
Central station; one cold morning
Meant to be walking to school
Instead here I am
Looking down into the crowd

In my teens years
Probably my most mature thoughts
Looking down onto the masses
I was stopped in my tracks
Impact felt like a physical blow
So strong; hit me like a brick
Feelings overwhelmingly powerful

City was crowded with people
I wondered where they were going
Walking past each other in a rush
Busy in their own worlds
Like no one else exists
They are like robots
Walking along to their destination
Without a thought in their heads

There isn’t any emotions
Felt nothing coming from them
They are following some orders
Issued by their commanders
To me they seemed unaware
Maybe even forgotten to be themselves
I couldn’t take my eyes of them
I was memorised, hypnotised
It was there and then
I decided to never be like them

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 5th of July 2016


5 thoughts on “Central Station’s Bridge

  1. I think it’s a waking moment in the life of every youth whenever they notice the truly solitary nature of each individual life. No matter how many people you’re ever around, everything you do in life you do alone. It is only you inside your mind.

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