No Great Lost

In times of need
I reached out for comfort
My world is unforgivable
Unkind; harshest of reality
Maybe, just maybe
To feel a gentle hand

Pushed; ignored my pleas
In my desperation
I’d called upon darkness
Striking a deal in tears
Woe to me; Devil rejected my offer

I’ve never known
How it felt to be down
Having everything I’ve ever wanted
To having nothing at all
When things were good
They were great
When things were bad
It was terrible beyond belief

Surrounded by countless others
When things goes smoothly
Soon, the tiniest bump
Scatters them like rats on sinking ships
Some even manages a final kick
Some even yell insults as they jumped

When I am down
I’m really down
When I am up
I’m soaring above the clouds
There’s no great loss
Losing fakness in my life
It’s not a big deal
Having unnecessary dramas
In a life overloaded of them

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Monday 4th of July 2016

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