Differences Divine

If everyone looks the same
Acted in the same manners
Even having the same exact thoughts
No differences in personality
Nothing to set us apart

The rivers looking the same
Surrounded by the same
Environment all around the world
Even the waterfalls
Wouldn’t be a special sight
Looking the same; being the same
No uniqueness between

Plants and flowers
All looking the same as each other
Fragrance of a favorite flower
Lost within a world of being the same
Beauty disappearing into sameness
No longer having any favorite
Of anything any longer

World around us
All different type of cultures
People of different nationalities
Variety in a world full of abundance
So many unique qualities
On offer around the globe

This is the reasons why
That my heart is saddened
When I see hatred acted upon
For nothing more than being different
Instead of admiring, compassion and love
We are taught differently

When it comes to human beings
We are expected to act the same
If we act differently
We are labelled not normal
If we think differently
We are ridiculed and mocked
Unfortunately; we tend to hide what’s real

Dreams can be reality
Hope is all that’s needed
One day before its too late
Before we lose our ancestors history
We, as a human race
Appreciate; respect one another
Instead of destroying anything different
Making us all behave, think and act
To be normal; to be robots

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 5th of July 2016


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