Farewell Despair

For the longest time
Despair has always been with me
My greatest of companions
Feeling its presence constantly
Weighing heavily upon my soul
Sometimes crushing all other emotions

Despair made introductions
To depression I’ve met
These companions followed me
Like shadows never leaving my side
They’ve been with me for so long
Can’t remember a life without them

Strangest of events
It was them that comforted me
Wrapping their arms protectively
Whispering everything will be alright
Funny thing about it all
It was because of them I was down

Time to part ways
A life I’ve always known
To live a life without my companions
That stayed so long by my side
Leaving the comfort of their presence
Leaving all that behind
Time to say our farewells
Wishing best of luck to one another
This is where we say our farewells
No longer taking part
In each other’s lives

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 5th of July 2016


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