Never Say Sorry

Infections like a virus
Eating away inside
Till there’s nothing left
Annihilating; rendering all defenses zero

Many reasons to say sorry
Mistakes are made
Unintentionally hurting others
Situations could’ve been dealt better
Circumstances handled more maturely
There’s an unspoken law
Never say sorry; for being yourselves

Maybe our appearances
Looking odd or even weird
Maybe our personalities
Make others feel uncomfortable
Sometimes remarking out loud
Suddenly silence fills the room
Everyone looking at you questioningly
When doubt emerges about ourselves
Source of the problems
Is definitely not ours

To be sorry for who we are
For not fitting anywhere
Perhaps our surroundings
We are in the wrong environment
Everyone is perfect the way they are
Being ourselves is probably
The hardest thing to ever do
Letting ourselves go without restraints

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 5th of July 2016


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