Poetic Awakening

Floating aimlessly
Spaces of emptiness
Nothingness in absolution
Drifting to and fro
Trapped; confined by invisible glass

Longingly desired
Gentle hand upon my shoulders
As I faded from existence
Pulling me out from the abyss
Feeling myself vanishing
Slowly into my surroundings

Desperation overpowering
Unable to let myself
Express my feelings to others
When I’ve tried; ends up in frustration
Wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own
How could anyone understand
Exactly the position I’m in

Miracle found me wanting
Answers in the form of poetry
Unloading weights built up from years
Of keeping everything inside
A healer in a form of words
Un burdening my soul through writing

Only person to truly know me
Is myself and no other
Maybe it’s strange to have conversations
Inside my head filled with debates
Voices that are mine
At the same instance, doesn’t belong to me

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 6th of July 2016


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