Time To Accept Myself

My final mission
Is accepting myself
Fully embracing all of me
No more running away
No more hiding who I am
Time to complete my final mission

I’m an convicted criminal
Still serving my life sentence
In a foreign country
Still hoping each and every day
For a chance to re join
A world beyond these four walls

My struggles has been great
Life has given me many experiences
Probably more than one life worth
Locked; far away from home
Slowed my fast pace of living
Made me appreciated
Even the smallest things

Many nights are spent in longing
In the darkness; silence tears
Thrown into deep waters
Expected to swim or drown
Sometimes the thoughts of drowning
Sounds like a pleasant dream

I know my mistakes are unforgiving
Learnt in the hardest of ways
I do know myself better now
Gave me nothing but time
With thoughts circulating
Constantly full of regrets
Poetry came like a gift from the divine

No longer hiding who I am
Nor protection from these walls
Time to finally accept all of me
Knowing my positive side
Is only knowing half of me
It has taken a long time
For me to finally take this step
Let me introduce myself
My name is Tan Nguyen
Nice to meet you

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 6th of July 2016


2 thoughts on “Time To Accept Myself

  1. The Journey to self-discovery is always lonely, because you have to go at it alone, there’s no one that can help you through this process, and when you finally make it to the end of this journey you’d been on, you’ll look back and know how much you’d accomplished, and you will feel alleviated, having weathered through so much already.

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