Life Beyond My Own

Hard to imagined
Life being different
Than my own journey
Easy to dream and hope
Plans never goes accordingly

If I warned myself
Just before mistakes are made
Right before lessons are learnt
Even before my eyes could be opened
To experienced the consequences
Realising deeper meanings
To life in itself

Is it not a wonder
How everything played out
Down the road of regrets
Isn’t such a lonely path
Fearing something so much
When it finally appears
It’s not as bad; as the images created

Life beyond my own
Letting go illusions of control
Discovering the differences
Material needs; chasing my tail
Spiritual guidance; losing myself
Senseless reality and goals
Sometimes dreams are too good
To even waking up from
Sometimes reality are based on dreams

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Monday 11th of July 2016


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