We’re In It Together

Planet Earth is our home
We share the same sky
Sunshine touches all of us
Moonlight affects us all
Ocean’s beauty captures our thoughts

World events across the globe
Eventually comes around
In our backyards if we ain’t careful
Major sporting events
Unite us as one; cheering loudly
With the world in unity

Pollution affects the air
Very same we all used to breathe
Disaster strikes a country
In our hearts we feel their pain
When there’s joyous celebration
Our hearts are lifted with happiness

One world; one life
We are in it together
Our differences make us unique
Variety of choices to enjoy
Cultures to explore, to learn
Keeping boredom at bay
Why destroy something so precious

When it comes down to humanity
For our best interest to get along
Whatever happens to our planet
The place we all call our home
Affects each one of us
Even if we ignored the truth

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Monday 11th of July 2016


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