Wandering Endlessly

As stars shines brightest

Against backdrops of night

Moon leaves nothing hidden

Revealing its full potentials

Beautiful, whole; in silence
Wandering while awake

Wandering while asleep

In my dreams I’ve searched

In my reality I seeked

Endlessly finding answers

Upon questions unknown
Sunshines down

Lighting my way

Determined to supply 

Lending a helping hand

Making sure; I don’t trip and fall
Moonlight arrives

Retiring lights of day

Taking over for awhile

Letting sunshine slumber

Resting after a long day
Endlessly in my pursuit

Wandering from reality to dreams

Hopefully realising my purpose

Knowingly; only in guesses

Uncertainties still fills my mind

Perhaps fear and doubt

Prevents any further progress
Across fields of nightmares

Ocean without a bottom

Mountains high above clouds

Forests, deep within jungles

Unexplored by mankind
Drifting as wind blows

Flowing as rivers falls

Waking moments or dreams

Both being very similar

Difficult to identify differences

Telling them a part 

Snowflakes slowly dances

Only to be melted into water

Sometimes even flames

Creatures and all

Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Tuesday 12th of July 2016


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