Once more, my mind

Travels down memory lane

Images of distant past

Feelings; memories of emotions

Source of ideas, the reasons

My nightmares was like an student

Listening, taking notes
My life was changed forever

One night in foreign land

Unaware during those moments

Foolishness in my beliefs

Believing everything will be alright

Pretending nothing has changed
Events unfolding rapidly

Relentlessly pounding

Weakening my soul

Unable keeping track

Of anything around me

Gone before understanding

New waves of dilemmas

Demanding my attention
Reactions; exactly as predicted

Family rushed to be by my side

Always known in my heart

Those that mattered most

First opportunity; as soon as they could

Right there beside me
Blistering speed

When a world falls apart

Like a prearranged signal given

Indicator to commenced

“Operation Destroy Tan’s World”

Even to this very day

I cannot say which direction

Seemed to fly from everywhere
In my hearts of hearts

I know the end is near

It had always been my fight

Since the very beginning

When I held my mother

For the first time in my life

The end I craved for so long

In my dreams

I’ve seen this a million times
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Thursday 14th of July 2016

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