Outside in the burning cold

White misty clouds

Formed with every breath

Lasting for only a brief moment

Consumed by darkness

The only possibility of night
Raindrops sharp as blades

Harmless and gentle

First impressions of rain

Enjoyable, even calming effects

Gradually losing charms

Coincidently; around the same time

When storm first appeared
Creatures of habit

Daily rituals, routines

In something we’ve named life

Sometimes when happiness arrives

It feels uncomfortable and awkward

Unaccustomed to such emotions

Daily rituals; it wasn’t included

Keeps me alert, on guard

Greatest of all my sorrows

Occurred when my guard was down

Unexpectedly, suddenly

Unprepared; ill equipped

A repeated episode, unacceptable

Like a coin needs two sides

To be acknowledged as a coin
Day and night

Sums up my dual personalities

Both utterly different

Absolutely nothing in common

Though different in nature

Day and night shows respect

Sharing the sky between them

Ruling without any interference
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Friday 15th of July 2016

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