Unstoppable Devotions
Dark clouds

Lightning flashes

Roars of thunder

Horrific, terrifying sounds

Ripping tranquility to shreds

Instilling fears into the hearts 
Roaring; uncontested challenges

Momentum gains upper hand

Darkness taken over the sky

Eerie silence between roars

Sounds of thunder explodes

Impacting grounds; leaving marks
Unafraid, urging for the worst

Rainfalls are heavy

Determined; knocking everything down

Resilience, immovable

Refusing to be overwhelmed

Refusing to surrender

Last stand, last chance
Trees uprooted

Mighty howl echoes

In triumphs; victorious screams

Buildings, structures crumbles

Standing a lonely figure

Amidst the destructions all around

Stubbornly resisting nature

With tightened grips of hope

Walked directly into chaos
Fears, doubts, insecurities

Worries, afraid of failures

Has lost the battle for control

Death has limitations

Only allowed claiming one life

Final opportunity to rise

Becoming the man others see 

The man I myself knows exists

To finally be that man

I’d known myself to be
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Friday 15th of July 2016


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