Night Stalkers
Covers of darkness

Lurking; ever watchful

Demons continuously stalking

Every step closer, nearer

Unsuspecting victims

Going about their lives
Patience; mastered ages before

Deceptions in nature

Waiting for the right moment

Watching with thirsty intentions

In the shadows, invisible to all

Chance to strike, an opportunity
Whereas mortal years

Strict limitations set

Immortality lives forever

Bounded by no chains of rules

Mortal laws has no effect

Compared to immortal ways

No comparison comes close

Like comparing diamonds to dusts
Experiences has taught

Even the strongest shall fall

Given the right circumstances

Anything is made possible

Bravest shall be cowards

Heroes are now villains

Stalkers of the night

Playing on our weaknessess

In truth; we destroy only ourselves
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Monday 18th of July 2016


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