Nothing To Everything
Spoiled was the term

Used to described me

Being the eldest of five

Four little sisters

Making me the only guy
Growing up wasn’t dramatic

I’ve learnt that recently

Experiencing life’s lessons

Back in the days were simple times

Only came to realised that too late
Looking back in my past

Foolish in all areas

Results from believing

My thoughts were always right

Never listening to those around

Stubbornly doing whatever I thought

Because afterall, I’ve known better
Towards my second half of life

Probably less, maybe more

Only guessing, assuming

My time on Earth remaining

Would love to believe

Wisdom has found me through age

Perhaps, even more grown up

Even hopefully, a giant leap

More mature in my characteristics
Comparing my life with others

Wasn’t as bad as I’d thought

Though I had to lose everything

Stripped naked to the bones

Only then were it possible

Discovering the person I am

Without any distractions

Nor false illusions in the way

Knowing what’s truly real

Begun my awakening

When I was at my lowest
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Monday 18th of July 2016


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