Haiku ( Time )

Haiku ( Time )

Movements of time

Like death plagues the living
Slowly, silently waiting

Every breath may be the last

Forever guessing realities like dreams

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 19th of July 2016

Nothing To Everything

Nothing To Everything
Spoiled was the term

Used to described me

Being the eldest of five

Four little sisters

Making me the only guy
Growing up wasn’t dramatic

I’ve learnt that recently

Experiencing life’s lessons

Back in the days were simple times

Only came to realised that too late
Looking back in my past

Foolish in all areas

Results from believing

My thoughts were always right

Never listening to those around

Stubbornly doing whatever I thought

Because afterall, I’ve known better
Towards my second half of life

Probably less, maybe more

Only guessing, assuming

My time on Earth remaining

Would love to believe

Wisdom has found me through age

Perhaps, even more grown up

Even hopefully, a giant leap

More mature in my characteristics
Comparing my life with others

Wasn’t as bad as I’d thought

Though I had to lose everything

Stripped naked to the bones

Only then were it possible

Discovering the person I am

Without any distractions

Nor false illusions in the way

Knowing what’s truly real

Begun my awakening

When I was at my lowest
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Monday 18th of July 2016

Night Stalkers

Night Stalkers
Covers of darkness

Lurking; ever watchful

Demons continuously stalking

Every step closer, nearer

Unsuspecting victims

Going about their lives
Patience; mastered ages before

Deceptions in nature

Waiting for the right moment

Watching with thirsty intentions

In the shadows, invisible to all

Chance to strike, an opportunity
Whereas mortal years

Strict limitations set

Immortality lives forever

Bounded by no chains of rules

Mortal laws has no effect

Compared to immortal ways

No comparison comes close

Like comparing diamonds to dusts
Experiences has taught

Even the strongest shall fall

Given the right circumstances

Anything is made possible

Bravest shall be cowards

Heroes are now villains

Stalkers of the night

Playing on our weaknessess

In truth; we destroy only ourselves
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Monday 18th of July 2016

Breaking dawn

Breaking Dawn
Blade of grass

Heavy with moisture

Leaning on a side

Darkness; brighten by lights

Peeking through the horizons

Dazzling lights from morning sun
Sounds of birds

Woken from their slumber

Announcing the arrivals

Hopes of a brand new day

Breaking stillness, silence of night

Rising higher, ever brighter

Ceremony for approaching dawn

Creatures sing; in their unique ways
Rivers and ocean

Sparkling; as far as the eyes can see

Diamonds glittering from afar

Magical, enchanted; nature’s display

Perfection, absolute beauty

Temperatures; freshness in the air

Cold yet warmth felt

Breaking dawn; transition from night
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 17th of July 2016

Unstoppable Devotions

Unstoppable Devotions
Dark clouds

Lightning flashes

Roars of thunder

Horrific, terrifying sounds

Ripping tranquility to shreds

Instilling fears into the hearts 
Roaring; uncontested challenges

Momentum gains upper hand

Darkness taken over the sky

Eerie silence between roars

Sounds of thunder explodes

Impacting grounds; leaving marks
Unafraid, urging for the worst

Rainfalls are heavy

Determined; knocking everything down

Resilience, immovable

Refusing to be overwhelmed

Refusing to surrender

Last stand, last chance
Trees uprooted

Mighty howl echoes

In triumphs; victorious screams

Buildings, structures crumbles

Standing a lonely figure

Amidst the destructions all around

Stubbornly resisting nature

With tightened grips of hope

Walked directly into chaos
Fears, doubts, insecurities

Worries, afraid of failures

Has lost the battle for control

Death has limitations

Only allowed claiming one life

Final opportunity to rise

Becoming the man others see 

The man I myself knows exists

To finally be that man

I’d known myself to be
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Friday 15th of July 2016

Creature Of Habits

Outside in the burning cold

White misty clouds

Formed with every breath

Lasting for only a brief moment

Consumed by darkness

The only possibility of night
Raindrops sharp as blades

Harmless and gentle

First impressions of rain

Enjoyable, even calming effects

Gradually losing charms

Coincidently; around the same time

When storm first appeared
Creatures of habit

Daily rituals, routines

In something we’ve named life

Sometimes when happiness arrives

It feels uncomfortable and awkward

Unaccustomed to such emotions

Daily rituals; it wasn’t included

Keeps me alert, on guard

Greatest of all my sorrows

Occurred when my guard was down

Unexpectedly, suddenly

Unprepared; ill equipped

A repeated episode, unacceptable

Like a coin needs two sides

To be acknowledged as a coin
Day and night

Sums up my dual personalities

Both utterly different

Absolutely nothing in common

Though different in nature

Day and night shows respect

Sharing the sky between them

Ruling without any interference
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Friday 15th of July 2016

Outrageously Close

Once more, my mind

Travels down memory lane

Images of distant past

Feelings; memories of emotions

Source of ideas, the reasons

My nightmares was like an student

Listening, taking notes
My life was changed forever

One night in foreign land

Unaware during those moments

Foolishness in my beliefs

Believing everything will be alright

Pretending nothing has changed
Events unfolding rapidly

Relentlessly pounding

Weakening my soul

Unable keeping track

Of anything around me

Gone before understanding

New waves of dilemmas

Demanding my attention
Reactions; exactly as predicted

Family rushed to be by my side

Always known in my heart

Those that mattered most

First opportunity; as soon as they could

Right there beside me
Blistering speed

When a world falls apart

Like a prearranged signal given

Indicator to commenced

“Operation Destroy Tan’s World”

Even to this very day

I cannot say which direction

Seemed to fly from everywhere
In my hearts of hearts

I know the end is near

It had always been my fight

Since the very beginning

When I held my mother

For the first time in my life

The end I craved for so long

In my dreams

I’ve seen this a million times
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Thursday 14th of July 2016

Wandering Endlessly

Wandering Endlessly

As stars shines brightest

Against backdrops of night

Moon leaves nothing hidden

Revealing its full potentials

Beautiful, whole; in silence
Wandering while awake

Wandering while asleep

In my dreams I’ve searched

In my reality I seeked

Endlessly finding answers

Upon questions unknown
Sunshines down

Lighting my way

Determined to supply 

Lending a helping hand

Making sure; I don’t trip and fall
Moonlight arrives

Retiring lights of day

Taking over for awhile

Letting sunshine slumber

Resting after a long day
Endlessly in my pursuit

Wandering from reality to dreams

Hopefully realising my purpose

Knowingly; only in guesses

Uncertainties still fills my mind

Perhaps fear and doubt

Prevents any further progress
Across fields of nightmares

Ocean without a bottom

Mountains high above clouds

Forests, deep within jungles

Unexplored by mankind
Drifting as wind blows

Flowing as rivers falls

Waking moments or dreams

Both being very similar

Difficult to identify differences

Telling them a part 

Snowflakes slowly dances

Only to be melted into water

Sometimes even flames

Creatures and all

Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Tuesday 12th of July 2016

Life Beyond My Own

Life Beyond My Own

Hard to imagined
Life being different
Than my own journey
Easy to dream and hope
Plans never goes accordingly

If I warned myself
Just before mistakes are made
Right before lessons are learnt
Even before my eyes could be opened
To experienced the consequences
Realising deeper meanings
To life in itself

Is it not a wonder
How everything played out
Down the road of regrets
Isn’t such a lonely path
Fearing something so much
When it finally appears
It’s not as bad; as the images created

Life beyond my own
Letting go illusions of control
Discovering the differences
Material needs; chasing my tail
Spiritual guidance; losing myself
Senseless reality and goals
Sometimes dreams are too good
To even waking up from
Sometimes reality are based on dreams

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Monday 11th of July 2016