Inner Reflections

Storm clouds approaches

Howling of the wind heard

Lightning flashes brightly

Thunder roars mightily

Across a sky turned darker than night
Ferocious, menacing clouds

Dark, wild, angry in appearance

Threatening to consumed everything 

Laying upon it’s destructive path

Blocking out; the divine lights
Lightning flashes; thunder roars

Unable to contained emotions within

Releasing frustrations held inside

Breaking through protective barriers

Letting everything go, unrestrained
Chaotic, insanity obtained

Tears mixed by the pouring rain

Unnoticed, unseen; blended perfectly

Moments of madness, deafening

Uncaring of any consequences

Causing as much damage as possible 
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Wednesday 1st of September 2016


Middle Of The Night

Unaccustomed silence

Standing alone on a beach

Full moon, beautiful as ever

Perfect night time breeze

Sounds of the gentle waves

Makes night special in every way
Further, as night grows older

Stronger the wind pushes

The sounds of nature more wild

Moonlight reflects a million images

Dance of night, sparkling to life 
In a trance; deep in thought

Beyond the endless darkness

Looking, unfocused eyes and mind

Searching for something unknown

Answers; without questions
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Tuesday 30th of August 2016

Land Of Dreams

Every night as eyes

Tired, heavy with sleep

Drifting ever deeper

Further away from reality

Closer towards eternity

Impossible chains broken

Barriers lifted

Limitations unwritten

Reality and fantasy; collides
Land of eternal dreams

Beautiful thoughts unleashed

Desires, wishes came true

Longings; denied forever

Found in a place of dreams
Stars, reachable distance

Underneath the ocean, explored

Scariest, darkest caves ventured

Doubts and fears chased away

Place of forbidden ambitions

Held tenderly; to flourish
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Tuesday 30th of August 2016

Making Sense Of Life

Time has flown away 

Quickly, came and gone

Seems like only yesterday

When nights were spent wondering

Looking towards the moonlight
Recalling childhood memories

Memorized by the moon of night

As if in wait, for moon’s reply

Frustration overwhelmed senses

Anger rising stronger within
Hour after hour

Night after night

Wondering, just wondering

If there’s something wrong

Why does it feel uncomfortable

Unwanted, a place that doesn’t belong
Asking, what was everything about?

Hiding, during daylight hours

Wearing masks in front of others

As everyone sleeps for the night

Alone in the dark; masks falls away
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Monday 29th of August 2016

A Moment In Time

Destiny and fate 

Combined with each other

Ending; one and the same

Paths entwined, once apart

Only for a moment in time
Vastness of the open sea

Sparkling like priceless diamonds

Reflections from lights of day

Nightfall; slumber’s enchantments

Soft lullaby, drifting with the wind

Lasting only a moment in time
Life, constantly flowing onwards

Invisible, unseen yet felt

Moments; never to be repeated

Everlasting impressions left behind

Memories of what used to be 
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Monday 29th of August 2016

Have You Ever

Longest of time

I’d locked myself out

From a world of judgments

Keeping only to myself

Never allowing anyone near
Have you ever felt

Despite all your best efforts

Doesn’t seemed to make any differences

Nothing you’d done is ever enough

Feeling frustrated of life itself
Have you ever felt utterly useless 

Powerless, unable to contribute

Into the lives that matters most 

Watching on the sidelines as events

Gradually becoming worst and worst
Have you ever thought of death

As an easy way out, to end misery

Enough is enough; end it all

Why continue on suffering needlessly

When there’s an answer for relief
I have felt all these things and more

Reminding myself constantly of reasons

There’s reasons unknown right now of why

Difficult it may be in seeing Life’s purposes

Especially when despair dominants my mind
One thing is certainly true

Through everything I’ve experienced

All the pain, suffering, depressions

Maybe I’d be down for a little while 

Still unbroken through all the trials

Standing still; even when hope ran away 
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 21st of August 2016