Wine, prestigious with age

Quality improves over time

Finer the wine, older the years

My childhood and adulthood

Comparisons, similarly to wine
Reckless, during childhood

Misplaced idealism of life

Confident without experiences

Discarding advices of all others

Believing own opinions were right

Grand illusions of grandeur

Greatly differs from reality
Adulthood, forced into being

From a spoiled little brat

Having all my heart desires

Always having everything my way

Selfish ambitions of shadows

Dreams, no reality embraces

Existed; only inside my mind
Anything, anywhere, anytime

Drastically altered definitions

Locked, contained, concrete walls

Replacing everything I’d once known

My life isn’t mine to call my own

Property of the state, is my claim

Not even being; in my own country
Restricted, restrained, forbidden

Of moving with the flows of time

Adapted successfully; adjusted

Forgetting the feelings of freedom

Memories fading more each day

Against all my efforts, holding on

Slipping, disappearing into nothingness
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 7th of August 2016

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