Right from the beginning

Criticisms were highly devoted

Stripping confidence away

Making depression, supreme ruler

Of a world already in chaos
Luckily, situations and circumstances

Left no other alternatives to choose

Turning inwards, searching for sense

Came upon the discovery of self

Exploring a world, I’ve never known
Withdrawn, shutting, locking doors

Retreated from the world

Determined to make me feel

Less of a human being, unworthy

Surrendering my life, to give up
Despite all the negativity

Grinding, constantly pushing down

Positivity prevailed, triumphant

By those who truly cares, genuine people

Shielded, protected as best they’ve could
From the shadows of despair

Continued upon my journey

Writing down feelings and emotions

Releasing, healing; more each day

I am still standing, stronger than before

Where are those, who needed to see me fall?
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Saturday 13th of August 2016


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