Roses, beautiful

Full of life

Healthy, strong

Red petals opens

Proudly; for all to admire
Prickly are the thorns

Appreciative, to belong

Having, apart of, as one

Beauty; envious by all

Weakest link, made complete
Height of full potentials

Jealousy, reflects from eyes

Gazing upon such phenomenon

Rarer, as more days gone by

Eyes of jealousy; turns to glee
Petals, once full of redness

Healthy and strong

Firmness vanishes, gone

Colours of decay, eventually

Replaced the once proud colours of red
Roses, similarly in many ways

In smell and designs

Beneath all the appearances

An untold story waiting to be heard

Unique, none; exactly the same
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Tuesday 16th of August 2016

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