Longest of time

I’d locked myself out

From a world of judgments

Keeping only to myself

Never allowing anyone near
Have you ever felt

Despite all your best efforts

Doesn’t seemed to make any differences

Nothing you’d done is ever enough

Feeling frustrated of life itself
Have you ever felt utterly useless 

Powerless, unable to contribute

Into the lives that matters most 

Watching on the sidelines as events

Gradually becoming worst and worst
Have you ever thought of death

As an easy way out, to end misery

Enough is enough; end it all

Why continue on suffering needlessly

When there’s an answer for relief
I have felt all these things and more

Reminding myself constantly of reasons

There’s reasons unknown right now of why

Difficult it may be in seeing Life’s purposes

Especially when despair dominants my mind
One thing is certainly true

Through everything I’ve experienced

All the pain, suffering, depressions

Maybe I’d be down for a little while 

Still unbroken through all the trials

Standing still; even when hope ran away 
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 21st of August 2016


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