Deepest Depths

Sunlight forbidden

Depths of an ocean’s floor

Unknown, a world hidden

Unexplored, untouched by the lights

Denied access to the wonders below
On the surface, appearances calm

Underneath, a world in chaos

Sometimes fury, tempers displayed

Tremendous emotions of angry waves

Tossing warships around like toys
Beyond measurements, understandings

Naturally fearful of the unknown

Once upon a time, not so long ago 

Majority beliefs of Earth being flat

Life ends in death, no longer believed
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 21st of August 2016


The Way Seasons Used To Be

I remembered

How the seasons used to be

So long ago, in another place

Another time, a different world

Existing only in my memory
When winter descends

In between the blankets

Refusing to get out of bed

Laying, as long as I could

Till my parents scolded relentlessly
When Summer’s warmth arrived

Driving around all day long

Air con in cars, far better than home

Humidity itself, is suffocating

Even sweat has sweats 
Autumn is nice and pleasant

Naked trees, here to there

Brown leaves littering the streets

Underneath, hidden meanings

Death and decay all around; unnoticed
In Spring, smells of freshness

New life seen everywhere

Not so cold, not so hot

As an self absorbed person

Unappreciative, beauty of nature
Seasons, seems magical

Contributing such uniqueness

Special, irreplaceable events

Imitations, many attempts made

Doesn’t come close; beauty of nature
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Saturday 20th of August 2016

Lessons Of The Past

History has taught

Great many lessons

Through the glass of time

Sand, small representation

Slipping, constant motion
Life’s story from people of renowned

Waiting for pages to be turned

Discovering their achievements

Overcoming their dilemmas

Facing obstacles along the way
People of history’s past

Always be remembered for eternity

For better or for worst

Their stories shall forever inspire

Teaching us, for generations to come
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Saturday 20th of August 2016

Kept Promises

Every night as the Moon

Rises to darken sky

Sometimes revealing everything

Other times, none at all

Reflections; similar to myself
Promises, made to self

Never to ever; cross the line

Knowingly, a point of no return

Desperately trying to avoid

Circumstances and situations

Forces, demanding for lines to break
Testing, pushing, constantly

Attempts of shattering spirits

Like the sun denying sunlight

Life struggles for growth, to survive

As with the spirit, which needs hope
Maintaining values, morales

Difficult yet not impossible

Especially, when the world around

Reduced to nothing but destruction

Ashes, the only remains of once was
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Saturday 20th of August 2016

Unfortunate Destiny

In the depths of darkness

Thoughts are full of courage

Daring, bravery, determination

Protected by the shadows

Safe, secured, comfortable
Dawn arises; shattering illusions

Upon the morning lights

Heroes of the night, disappears

Illusions of grandeur, evaporates

Truth, true senses revealed
Unfortunate destiny

Pretending to be something else

Life; full circle of dubious belonging

Instead reaching true potentials

Wasted on playing roles, unsuitable
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Friday 19th of August 2016

Death Of A Rose

Roses, beautiful

Full of life

Healthy, strong

Red petals opens

Proudly; for all to admire
Prickly are the thorns

Appreciative, to belong

Having, apart of, as one

Beauty; envious by all

Weakest link, made complete
Height of full potentials

Jealousy, reflects from eyes

Gazing upon such phenomenon

Rarer, as more days gone by

Eyes of jealousy; turns to glee
Petals, once full of redness

Healthy and strong

Firmness vanishes, gone

Colours of decay, eventually

Replaced the once proud colours of red
Roses, similarly in many ways

In smell and designs

Beneath all the appearances

An untold story waiting to be heard

Unique, none; exactly the same
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Tuesday 16th of August 2016

A Place For All

Surely as night

Comes after day

Tomorrow shall rise

As the sun, brightens

Morning sky above
Tragedy, a certainty

Challenges and trials

Tests performed on suffering

As the flowers strives to grow

Battling for survival
Life, contains many realities

Positivity found in negativity

Closer inspections, finer details

Easily missed, visions distorted

Consumed by frustrations
Balance and harmony

Time reserves a place for all

The Moon doesn’t force the Sun

Waiting patiently till day is done

Unless both appears as one

Rare beauty is seen; total eclipse
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Monday 15th of August 2016

Continuously Forever More

Life’s energy, flows

Continously through time

Beyond measurements

(Haiku linking with Tanka)

Illusions of time

Life, immortality’s truth

Rivers of many

Death, vastly misunderstood

Ending? Only beginning

(Tanka linking with Haiku)

Fading yet flowing

Transferring of energy

Completing cycles

Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 14th of August 2016

A Breath Away

True insanity

A single exhale of breath

Divides sanity

(Haiku linking with Tanka)

Lake of fiery flames

Destructiveness on display

Havoc left behind

Erasing traces of life

Ashes, falling with sadness

(Tanka linking with Haiku)

Close, so very close

Tragedy looms from above

Unaware dangers

Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 14th of August 2016